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You've got questions. We've got answers.
Let's get the basics out of the way.


Q: Can you give me an estimated cost on a video/photo shoot?


A: Absolutely! Every project is different – the cost could literally be the difference of a few zero’s on the end of the number depending on the needs. When you ask us for a budget, we’ll ask the appropriate questions to create an estimate. If the questions can’t be answered fully, no worries, we can iron out the details after a in-depth planning phase. 


Q: I have a budget, can you tell me what my budget gets me?


A: Working backwards from a budget can be helpful and it is possible. If we have a budget and hold a proper brainstorming session with you, we can figure out how to back into the budget. Unlike some agencies, we’ll tell you what we can do, not why we can’t do it. 


Q: How long do you need to plan a video/photo production?


A: We generally like to have 2-3 weeks for pre-production and production planning which can include several meetings – but we won’t shy away from a rush project! If you need a last minute photographer/videographer for an event or some urgent corporate head shots, we can do same day service and have done this for numerous clients in the past.


There are several factors that go into any project timeline. Once you tell us your project's needs, we can get an estimate to you! 


Q: I'm an agency, do you do white label work?


A: We definitely don’t mind some super secret undercover video work! We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again. We’ve worked with some awesome agencies on really high-visibility and high-priority projects before, and it’s been great. 


Q: We have content (footage, b-roll, music, etc.), can you work with it?


A: We can work with anything – this is also something that we’ve done before, and do frequently. 


Q: Can you shoot in 5K?


A: Short answer, yes! Do we need to? It depends on your delivery needs. We can also shoot on cameras that are more expensive than a Mercedes-Benz, but those cameras aren’t necessary for every video. 


Q: I know I want a video, but I have no ideas. Can you guys think of one?


A: Totally. In fact, most of our clients hire us for the creative process before we even price out the video. We serve as a content generation extension of many agencies. Want to be an agency that can take advantage of this too? 


Q: I know what I want my video like, do you have a problem with that?


A: Not a problem. You’re the client, so we’ll do whatever is needed to get the job done. We will absolutely give our professional recommendation based on best practices and trends to give you the best guidance. 


Q: I have a creative director who is super picky, is that cool?


A: We actually love creative directors and picky ones tend to be our best ally. We pay a lot of attention to detail, and if someone on your team does too, won’t the end results be even better than we can all expect? 


Q: What are your expectations of me, as your client?


A: Great question, and honestly, our expectations are derived from our quest to make your project a success. Here are a few things we expect from every client. One decision maker on your team, period. Timely, productive, and constructive feedback on drafts and revisions, as well as assets needed.  Understanding that we’re the experts on video, and you’re the experts on… what we’re making the video about. Have fun, be positive, and expect great work. 


Q: Can I buy you a coffee?


A: Please do! Head over to our contact page for all the necessary information, or just shoot us an e-mail and we’ll let you know what we want! 

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