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Awesome Furniture for Your Inner Geek

Research says that adding some of your own creativity to your work space can help create a more positive and more productive day at work. {ersonal creative touches help to lighten up the office and lounge areas and can make going to work feel so much better.

Create a work area in your office that appeals to you and what you like. Maybe add a few paintings on the walls that you adore, some colour to your desk such as a light coloured plant, or bring in a small book shelf to keep resources nearby and show off your reading interests. A wall billboard where you can post creative art pieces is a nice way to add some colour and inspiration, show off art pieces that you have made or remember small quotes that inspire you. Colour is key to making your space stand out.

Pac-Man Bookshelf

An Italian designer Mirko Ginepro is responsible for the brilliance behind the Puckman bookshelf. The unit is made out of varnished wood and is, of course, painted in a golden yellow reminiscent of the 80′s cult videogame Pac Man. The Puckman shelf (yes, Puckman is correct, not Pacman) is custom made to order, so you can choose a size and alter the color as you wish to accommodate a large television or to match the decor of a specific room. We like the set up where the Puckman shelf is adjacent to the television it, because it really puts the shelf and its character into perspective. Don't you agree? ( Source )

Pac-M Chair

Jose Jorge Hinojosa Primo has come up with an awesome chair that send shivers to all of us that once played the popular maze game. The “PacM,” as the designer calls his chair presents a unique, nostalgic and very stylish furniture. This cool chair is only an artist’s rendering but it would be ideal for a game room. ( Source )

Tetris Table

Jared Kohn created a this table inspired by the game Tetris. This colorful Tetris table looks cool on our backyard garden. ( Source )

Rubik's Cube Coffee Table

This Rubik's Cube Coffee Table is inspired by the classic toy we all grew up with…and still have today! It makes a great end table, or put two together as a coffee table. 16″ W x 16″ D x 16″ H ( Source )

NES Controller Coffee Table

If your old enough to remember the NES system then you’ll love this coffee table. Not only does this coffee table look like a giant NES controller, it’s actually fully functional! Constructed by Kyle Downes of Ultra Awesome, the table also offers ample storage for all of his other gaming systems. For those who already have a PC of their own to stick inside, the table is a available gutted of its computer components but still packing all of the joysticks and handy ports. More info at

Donkey Kong Wall Shelves

Check out Igor Chak’s Donkey Kong Wall. I don’t know why but I really want this. I’ll also have to buy a really big TV cause either the one in the photo is small, or being sandwiched between the shelves is making it look small.

Space Invader Chair

Also a great piece for a modern gamer home the Space Invader Couch is the work of designer Igor Chak. An instant conversation starter, this unique retro gaming inspired couch will be the highlight of any room. It features and all fine leather pixelated retro design, a low profile, and memory foam cushions. This is a limited production and will only be available for a short time.

Scrabble Seating

We couldn't help but fall in love with this furniture inspired by Scrabble. The wooden couch and letter pillow "Wordplay installation" was created by London's Stephen Reed Industrial Design studio. It "provides a short break area for employees in the London offices of Bloomberg financial services," says the designer. "Users can make words and leave messages with the screen printed letter cushions." Awesome! ( Source )

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